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Those who have Visas* except "Student Visa" can study from the minimum of 4weeks for daily living, business, enrollment to Vocational School, University and Graduate School, etc.
(* Working holiday visa, Temporary visitor visa, Family resident visa, Spouse visa, Permanent resident visa,
Settlement visa, etc.)
・ School Hours: Monday to Friday (except holidays)4 periods a day, 5 days a week.
・ Morning class 9:00 ~ 12:20 Afternoon class 13:25 ~ 16:45
Enrollment related inquiry info@futabacollege.com
Beginner level start at the beginning of each term in January, April, July and October
Other levels can be enrolled at anytime. Please ask the school for more details.
Required documents
1 Application forms : PDF   Exel
2 From Overseas - A copy of passport / In Japan - A copy of Resident Card
3 1 photo (taken within the last 3months, 3cm×4cm, write your name and country at the back)
Enrollment Procedures from Overseas
1 Send to FUTABA the required documents by mail.
2 We will inform you of the result of your application.
3 Payment of required school fees (registration fee+ tuition fee) to our bank account by bank transfer.
4 We will mail to you the certificate and confirmation of your payment and schedule of classes.
5 Orientation & Starting of Classes.
Enrollment Procedures in Japan
1 Submission of required documents such as application form
2 Payment of required school fees (registration fee+ tuition fee)
3 Orientation & Starting of Classes.
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