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・ There are classes from Beginner to Advanced.
・ You can study in accordance to your needs by combining the Regular, Elective classes, etc.
・ School Hours: Monday to Friday (except holidays)4 periods a day, 5 days a week.
・ Morning class 9:00 ~ 12:20 Afternoon class 13:25 ~ 16:45
Visa Months of admission Length  
Student visa The beginning of each term
(April, July, October, January)
More than
1 year
Visas except “Student Visa”
(Working holiday visa, Temporary visitor visa,
Family resident visa, Spouse visa,
Permanent resident visa, Settlement visa, etc.)
※Beginners: Beginning of each term
(April, July, October, January)
More than
・ From beginner to advanced, lessons will meet your specific requirements, from conversation to business
Japanese, from listening to kanji practice.
・ The study term is flexible and will be planned according to your needs.
・ You may either come to school for lessons, or can choose to have teachers conduct lessons at your workplace.
・ Enrollment at anytime
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