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In "General Course", Starting from High Advanced level, you will have the chance to prepare for Employment by taking a combined Regular, Elective Classes and Tutorial Lessons.
Elective Class Tutorial Lessons

For Employment

Business manner



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1 Regular Classes Regular Classes Regular Classes Regular Classes Regular Classes
3 For Employment Business manner
Resume writing and interview practice
* Contents are different by the semester.
For Employment (Elective Class)  
- Corresponds to the specifics of job hunting in Japan.
- Explore all possibilities and know the best career that suits you by self analysis and career aptitude test.
- Create an effective entry sheet based on industry and occupation research analysis.
- Help in the necessary preparation for employment such as how to write letter, email and resumes.
- Learn manners for when visiting companies as well as during interviews.
※ A minimum of five students are needed to open the class.
In case of the minimum not being reached a tutorial class will be offered instead.
- Guidance in letter and email writing
- Guidance in manners and behaviour when visiting companies
- Guidance in resume writing and motivational letter writing
- Interview practice
Employment Agent registration  
Receive an introduction to a job.
Receive professional advice regarding employment such as writing resumes and conducting interviews.
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