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In "College Preparatory Course(General)", we offer a one-year preparatory class for university
  ・You can learn intensively in the specialized class for university admissions examinations.
  ・Practice writing “Essay” and “Reason for Application” as well as personalized interview guidance.
   ※To join Special Preparatory Class For University, you need to pass exam. JLPT N2 passing level
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Kanji/Vocabulary
2 Reading Description Reading Social Info
4 Listening Listening Listening Listening Listening
School Selection/Interview practice/Essay
Option EJU Preparation Lessons/English
<<Fee for Optional Lessons>>
▶Fee:1subject 15,000JPY/term(3months)
College Preparatory guidance is conducted at school each season throughout the year.
To provide the best possible support to the aspiring students, we hold school fairs and participate in joint-school fair events.
Individualized Instruction  
We guide students individually with choosing the right college, preparation of the required documents as well as interview practice.
In-School Fair:We invite admission counselors from different Universities to conduct seminars.
Joint-School Fair:We participate in joint-school fairs such as school fair sponsor JASSO.
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