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A writing ability evaluation is held once every six months to evaluate the student's writing ability. We provide each and every one of the participating students handwritten feedback about their essay on what they mastered and what needs to be improved. This program helps the student know their weaknesses better as well as improve their writing ability.
The students will be asked to write 2 different essays. The first one, they will be shown a picture and asked to describe it (can determine students ability to explain). The second one, they will be given a theme and asked to write freely about it.
On free writing, the theme will be announced beforehand to give students a chance to research or pre-write and have it checked. This program is to evaluate the student's writing ability by giving the students a chance to write as many drafts as they want based on their own motivation.
It is nearly impossible to write a coherent essay on the spot as opposed to giving the student plenty of time for research. This is why we came up with this procedure.
The goal is to be able to write one's own thoughts coherently.
Evaluation Procedure
Futaba creates its own evaluation sheets and presents the results to each of the students. On the evaluation sheet, the comments about the essay will be provided from the teacher in-charge.
The evaluation sheets are then displayed on the bulletin board translated into 3 different languages; English, Chinese and Korean. By comparing the translated evaluation posted on the board with the evaluation sheet the student was given, the student will be able to understand the contents of the evaluation sheet.
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