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In order to determine the student's conversational skills, Futaba measures their conversational ability. We do this by implementing. "Conversational Skill Diagnosis" in order to have a clear focus on the needs of the student and to further improve the students's conversational skills.
Test Procedure
bullet Beginner: one on one with the teacher.
Intermediate: In pairs (pair up with other student).
bullet Beginners do role-play situations to encourage them to express themselves. (ex: talking to your neighbour who is making noise in the middle of the night, or asking a room mate permission to have a friend stay overnight, etc.)
bullet Starting at the Intermediate level, the students will be given a topic and put into groups of two to discuss it. Topics will be based upon personal situations (ex: how will you apologize to a friend whom you had a past misunderstanding with, by mail or by telephone?), or social issues (ex: Whether or not students should be allowed to have a part time job.)
Test Procedure
After a brief conversation with the students at the beginning of the class, the teacher will asses the students' personal preferences and interests and then assign the students the appropriate topics. Regardless of what level the student is, the topic is relative to their interests and personal level so that the students won't have a difficult time explaining their positions.
Evaluation Presentation
Futaba has created its own evaluation sheet which will be filled out and presented to each of the students. The evaluation sheet which has been translated into 3 different languages; English, Chinese and Korean will also be displayed on a bulletin board. By comparing the translated evaluation posted on the board with the evaluation sheet the student was given, the student will be able to understand the contents of the evaluation sheet.
Evaluation Presentation Evaluatiion sheet for Intermediate (in Japanese) Evaluation sheet for Intermediate (In English)
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