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You can not learn Japanese just in a classroom. In extracurricular classes you will have the opportunity
to interact and converse with Japanese people and experience Japanese culture.
Field trips
Once every semester (every 3 months), we conduct field trips to a museum or a factory tour.
ビール工場見学 葛西臨海公園
Beer factory visit Kasai Seaside Park
Conversing with Japanese
Converse with university students and local residents as well as visiting junior high schools.
授業内交流 中学校訪問
Interaction as a class activity Junior High School visit
Experience Japanese Culture
A chance to experience various Japanese cultural events.
Example:Flower Arranging, Tea Ceremorny、Kimono、Japanese Cooking、Rakugo、Kabuki Appreciation class, etc
華道体験 茶道体験 浴衣体験
Flower arranging experience Tea ceremony experience Kinomo experience
Extracurricular Class
We offer an optional one-day tour of Chiba prefecture or a city from a different prefecture.
Example:Asakusa, Odaiba、Kamakura、Sawara Festival、Straberry Picking、Boso Village tours, etc.
佐原のお祭り 浅草観光 いちご狩り
Sawara Festival Asakusa Straberry Picking
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