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Elective classes of Comprehensive Course and College Preparatory Cource(General).
You can choose a class depending on your objectives and interests.
The number of classes changes depending on the semester.
Class Contents
JLPT N1 Divided into 3 categories such as grammar, reading and listening comprehension.
We have two semesters a year, April to June and October to December to correspond with the test held twice a year.
You can study in the class according to your ability.
Japanese for daily life Listening to an actual Japanese conversation to develop listening skill and conversational ability.
Media Learn the latest topics about Japan from tv news and newpapers.
Japanese culture Develop an understanding of Japanese culture in various aspects.
Learn Japan through
drama or anime
Business manner Learn about manners particular to Japan and the use of honorific expressions in a conversation.
For Employment Learn how to write a resume, how to do an interview and
other necessary measures for job hunting in Japan.
*Each classes will be available upon enrolment of 5 or more students.
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