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No. Title Name Date
432 Kabuki appreciation class Futaba 2023.06.26


On Friday, June 23, we went to a Kabuki appreciation class for foreigners.
In the Kabuki appreciation class, before watching Kabuki, Kabuki actors explain the highlights etc. in an easy-to-understand manner.
This year, the program was "Nihon Furisode hajime-Yamata no Orochi to Susanoo no Mikoto," it was a splendid and powerful stage which Susanowo no Mikoto fights to save the lover who was offered as a sacrifice to the Orochi and to retrieve the treasured sword that was previously stolen by the Orochi.In particular, the presentation of the eight-headed serpent(Orochi) was impressive.It was a good opportunity to experience Japanese traditional performing arts because students don't have many opportunities to see Kabuki.


Graduation ceremony of school year of 2023 June
Entrance Ceremony (School year of 2023 July)
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