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In May 1960, Dr. Ryuji Hayashi founded EASTWEST Global Education which includes Futaba College of Foreign Languages (FUTABA). THE CERTIFIED VISA PROXY STATUS was offered by the Ministry of Justice in September 1989.
The students of the FUTABA aim to pursue education in Japan by enrolling at colleges, universities and post-graduate schools.
To meet significantly different needs, we teach not only Japanese but also the Japanese culture, customs and manners to deepen the understanding of different cultures.
Moreover, we offer close, detailed guidance for those who plan to continue their education from choosing a school to entrance exams. As a result, our students are able to successfully enroll at public, private universities and colleges.
Also, a considerably high number of students from FUTABA pass theJapanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) every year. Our experienced teachers always make the classes easy to understand for the students, as well as hold private conferences concerning the student's career goals pertaining to after graduation which helps to build a good relationship.
For the students strugging to adust to life in a foreign land, we are willing to offer support.

bullet  Establisher: Ibunka Kouryu Kikaku Co., Ltd. 
bullet  Representative: Hayashi Takaho, President
bullet  Principai: Hayashi Takaho
bullet  Japanese language education started: April 1, 1988
bullet  Approved by the Ministry of Justice: September 1989
bullet  Certified visa proxy by Minister of Justice: September 1989
bullet  Capacity of students: 446 (Double shift)
Excellent Surroundings
The school is located in Chiba City, about 40 minutes from Tokyo via the JR Sobu rapid line train.
Chiba City is famous for its elaborate historical backgound and cultural inheritance. Also, Chiba City is globally well known for Makuhari Messe and certainly recognized as one of the most important cities of the 21st Century.
Compared to the cost of living in Tokyo, Chiba City is roughly 30% lower . Furthermore, the school is located within the center of the district where there are many scenic and peaceful areas recommended for studying, sightseeing, part time job searching and even for securing a house to live.

There are English, Chinese, and Korean speaking counselors available to support students who are experiencing problems getting adjusted to the foreign culture.
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