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You need to apply for Student Visa to the Bureau of Immigration in order to learn Japanese for a long period
or get higher education in Japan.
・ School Hours: Monday to Friday (except holidays)4 periods a day, 5 days a week.
・ Morning class 9:00 ~ 12:20 Afternoon class 13:25 ~ 16:45
Enrollment related inquiry info@futabacollege.com
Time of entry and application
Admission Period April
Length of course 1year or
2 years
1year or
1year 9months
1year 6months
or 2 years
1year 3months
Application Period Sep.~Nov.
previous year
Jan.~March March~May June~Sep.
previous year
Submission to the Immigration Office late Nov.
previous year
late March early June late Sep.
previous year
Grant of a Certificate of Eligibility
issued by the Immigration Office
late Feb. late May late Aug. the middle of Nov.
previous year
Payment of the entrance and tuition fee
Go to the Japanese Embassy
for visa interview.
March June Sep. Dec.
previous year
* When the number of applicants has reach the maximum, the application will be closed.
Contents Comprehensive Course College Preparatory Course(General) College Preparatory Course(Special) Graduate school
Preparatory Course
Screening fee 25,000JPY 25,000JPY
Entrance fee 60,000JPY 60,000JPY
Tuition fee(1year) 624,000JPY 744,000JPY
Total 709,000JPY 829,000JPY
!Tax included. Tuition fee includes the cost of educational material, however does not include the cost of textbooks &
school outings.
Enrollment Procedures
1 Submit the completed application form and the required documents to the school by mail and pay the screening fee by bank transfer (25,000 JPY for visa application is required).
2 Application and document screening
3 Visa application (Immigration Office)
4 Grant of a Certificate of Eligibility.
(Immigration Authorities will advise us of your eligibility - we will inform you of the results.)
(Note) What is a Certificate of Eligibility?
5 Payment of the entrance fee & tuition fee.
6 FUTABA will send you the all the necessary documents including a Certificate of Eligibility for obtaining a visa.
7 Show up in person at the Japanese Embassy in your home country for the visa interview.
8 School admission in Japan
Application documents
Please ask the school on how to write the Application for admission、Resume and Certificate of sponsor, etc.
* Legal documents have 3 months validity prior to the date of issuance.
* Please attach Japanese translations on all documents not in Japanese.
Download required documents.
(Application forms, Personal history and Reasons of applying for Japanese program, Letter of Guarantee, etc.)
・For China, Myanmar, Mongolia, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
- FUTABA Documents (Microsoft Excel)
- FUTABA Documents (PDF) ※for Handwriting
・For other countries and regions (Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Russia, etc.)
- FUTABA Documents (Microsoft Excel)
- FUTABA Documents (PDF) ※for Handwriting
Required documents by applicant  
1 Application forms
2 Personal history and Reasons of applying for Japanese program  
3 6 photos (taken within the last 3months (3cm×4cm), write your name and country at the back)
4 Original diploma from the last school graduated or a certificate of graduation
5 Transcript from the last school graduated
6 Certified copy of the family registration or Birth Certificate
7 Copy of the passport
 《 Listed below are required only if applicable 》
8 Enrollment certificate/ Certification of Leave of Absence
9 Certificate from Japanese language school 
10 Certificate of Employment
11 Copies of the passport pages showing embarkation and disembarkation stamps for previous trips to Japan
*However, the document may vary depending on the country. For more information, please contact the school.
Required documents for guarantor  
Guarantor Qualification and Condition:the applicant, family or relatives with sufficient economic capacity.
1 Letter of Guarantee
2 Bank Statement
3 Certificate of employment (Business owner-business registration)
4 Documents which certify the relationship with the applicant
 《 Listed below are required only if the guranator lives in Japan 》
5 Residence Certificate
6 Copy of Resident Card (only foreign nationals)
7 Proof of earning certificate (for the last 3 years)
*However, the document may vary depending on the country. For more information, please contact the school.
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